Personal data

Name :MOM
Address :Parallelweg 2-4
Postcode/Location :1948 NM Beverwijk
Age :MOM's best kept secret
Nationality :Dutch
Native language :Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Turkish...
Child of :Sixtyseven and i-control

Work experience

  • Autodesk
    Responsible for automated development and distribution of local promotional material to all EMEA locations.
  • Fortis ASR
    Management of and support for the marketing and sales activities of agents.
  • AWB
    Provide an overview for and data management of the entire product range to ensure up-to-date catalogues.


Technically skilful with knowledge of online and offline marketingcommunication.

Hardly ever at home

Paul Top is a marketeer in the Intermediary and External Support department at Fortis ASR: "We choose for MOM because it was developed for us within the context of an actual marketing concept. The technology has been entirely geared to the ambitions that our organisation has with regard to our intermediaries. Top class!"

Dieter Strauss is an international marketing manager: "The solution offered goes much further than just technology. MOM has the marketing experience to realise a very complex transition: from our ambition to obtain more from our sales channel at an international level to a complete, operational system in which everyone truly wishes to participate. "'Think global, act local' is transformed from wishful thinking into reality."

Contribute towards a better world by ensuring that less communication material is wasted and that people will once again have more time to do the things that are really important.

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