Conducting a campaign involves a unique interaction between the left and right halves of the brain: between feeling and thinking. A good campaign incorporates both. And depending on the response, you can decide to make adjustments. But do you have all the necessary information to allow you to make the right decisions on deployment of resources and improvements?

MOM cares for campaigns
Mom provides you with all this information: from your customers' and prospects' click behaviour through to conversion. MOM provides you with the tools to respond quickly and effectively, either with a customised quote or perhaps a follow-up call. You will only be investing time and effort in customers that promise tangible results through an obvious interest.

MOM & campaigns
  • roll-out, evaluation and follow-up centrally controlled
  • event-driven
  • simple delegation of tasks according to responsibility
  • centralised storage and coordination of marketing materials
  • cost and time-saving


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