Resellers and agents know their customers and maintain valuable contacts. The problem is their lack of time and expertise and their limited resources to realise an effective marketing campaign. How can you combine their knowledge and your marketing power? Optimize effectiveness of your channels without losing sight of your corporate identity. Win-win is often mentioned, but MOM makes it happen.

MOM cares for campaigns
MOM makes resources available to resellers and agents so they can make full use of your marketing power, experience and expertise. The latest marketing material is always available online. Resellers only need to choose, (if necessary) to adapt or to customise, and to order within the restrictions you have set. In this way your marketing items will always meet your requirements, whatever the sales channel, both in terms of form and content.

MOM & channels
  • optimized local marketing support
  • increased reseller loyalty
  • full control of, insight into and an increased effectiveness of all user activities


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