The right message at the right time for the right person and preferably using the right media. Marketing becomes sales, and more than ever marketing communication is about getting results. But how is this organised in a rapidly changing media landscape?

MOM cares for marcom
MOM helps to optimise marcom plans, campaigns and promotions, and to keep them well-organised. The development and distribution of POS and advertisement material can also be done quicker and less expensively. With MOM, you are in control both online and offline, without becoming an IT manager.
This gives you more time to do the things that make your job so enjoyable.

MOM & marcom
  • centralised storage and coordination of statements and promotional material
  • automation of routine and operational items
  • monitoring of your corporate identity, company-wide and multichannel
  • control of and insight into user activities
  • increased effectiveness and turnover


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